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Ready for take-off: Explosion prevention for drying plants in new spheres.


Combined CO-Detection and humidity measurement.

Made in Germany

Detection of Maillard-reactions, smoldering embers + fires.

Industrial drying systems always harbor an increased risk of fires and explosions. The fire properties of the media change as a result of the removal of moisture. Especially in spray dryers, caking occurs due to the very high entry moisture in case of suboptimal process control. This caking can heat up in the course of operation up to the so-called Maillard-reaction. This leads to an exothermal reaction between protein, carbohydrates and water. The resulting heat cannot be dissipated and accumulates until the medium starts a self-combustion. If such glowing embers loosens or opens, it can ignite existing explosive atmospheres and mixtures. The carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the process is used as a parameter for early detection of such a situation.
The CO.Pilot is a measuring device for monitoring of CO concentration in drying plants based on the tunableLaser absorption spectroscopy.
With the help of the CO.Pilot, Maillard reactions, smoldering embers and fires within the processes and systems are detected at an early stage in order to prevent them out as an ignition source for a fire and an explosion. In addition to monitoring the CO concentration, the system also provides information about the moisture content of the process air so that your process can always be optimally controlled.
  • Unsurpassed precision in the large measuring range (0-1000ppm).
  • CO and humidity measurement combined.
  • No cross-sensitivities with other gases.
  • Constant comparison with Hitran database.
  • Fast reaction time.
  • Can be adapted to the type of lighting by the RFA (REMBE® flow algorithm).
  • Optimised sampling.
  • Checking of all gas streams.
  • Adjustment of the limit values depending on the process parameters.
  • Display of the respective absolute measured values in real time.
Technical data
Product parameters
Max. connectable program probes
power consumption
230 V
Remote maintenance possible
Touch panel available
Applications + Industries
  • aerospace
  • animal feed productions
  • brewery
  • chemical industry
  • condensers
  • elevators
  • flare stacks
  • food
  • LNG
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • silo
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Industrial - CO.Pilot

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We would be happy to show you solutions tailored to your process that limit the effects of an explosion to a harmless level and ensure that production can be resumed quickly after an explosion event.
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