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Explosion vent
for hygienically
demanding ­processes


for zero to low negative pressure applications.

Made in Germany
With the vent panel EGV HYP which is designed for production facilities with highly elevated hygienic requirements, REMBE® is able to provide safety and cleanliness Made in Germany. The innovative sealing concept of the EGV HYP is able to convince. Deposits and bacterial growth are permanently prevented. A direct mounting of the vent panel to round vessel forms is also possible due to pre-bending.
The EGV HYP was specially designed for hygienically demanding systems in the food and pharmaceutical industry, and is often used in critical systems such as spray and fluidbed dryers. The special feature: The patented, full-flat, chamfered gasket system has a flush internal sealing area with the vent panel, and facilitates the avoidance of cross-contamination.
Neu: Dichtung wahlweise in kontrastierendem Blau erhältlich.
optionally available in contrasting blue.
REMBE EGV HYP with Accessoires

RSK signalling unit

The retrofit signaling unit with tear wire.
  • Hygienic design will continuously assure a high product quality.
  • Protects against cross-contamination when changing products.
  • Enables CIP cleaning.
  • Increased service life of the vent panel under alternating temperature and pressure stresses through the integrated bionic structure.
  • Reduces sound emissions (e.g. from hammers) at the venting channels.
In case of a sudden pressure increase, the EGV HYP vent panel will open and release the pressure from the vessel.
Technical data
Product parameters
Standard burst pressure Pstat
0,1 bar
Max. permitted operating pressure
50 % of Pstat
− 40 to + 180 °C (− 40 to + 356 °F)
Stainless steel
Gasket material
Full-scale silicon seal (FDA-licensed, hygienic performance)
± 20 % at standard burst pressure
Recommended torque for M10 screws
15 - 20 Nm
Our specialists will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution that matches your specific operating conditions.
Dimensions and weight
Max. size of wall opening
– nominal vent dimensions, mm
Effective venting area, cm²
305 x 610
490 x 590
586 x 920
610 x 1118
920 x 920
915 x 1118
1000 x 1000
1020 x 1020
Other sizes available on request.
Applications + Industries
  • animal feed productions
  • aspiration plants
  • chemical- petrochemical
  • food
  • food production
  • mixers
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • spray dryers



ATEX EC type examination certificate no. FSA 04 ATEX 1538 X

ATEX EC type
examination certificate no. FSA 04 ATEX 1538 X

Tested accoring to EHEDG

Tested according to EHEDG

The specially developed sealing system prevents product deposits. The outside is insulated to prevent condensation-related product built-up.

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Werner Przywara, production specialist in explosion vents for hygiene applications
Werner Przywara, Produktionsspezialist Hygieneberstscheiben
"I’ve been building the EGV HYP ever since it was first developed. I recently had a visit from a customer who shared his experience with me. Apparently he had installed the EGV HYP in his spray dryers a few years ago, and he was still very pleased. So I was really happy to hear that."
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I will be happy to advise you about the most suitable Protection systems for your plant. Individually, in detail and taking all relevant parameters into ­account.
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