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Add-on module to ­reduce the size of dangerous areas.

Made in Germany
In the case of an explosion outside a building, explosion vents open and release the explosion flame and pressure wave into the environment. Adequate safety areas are crucial. They must be kept free of buildings and be out of bounds to both vehicles and pedestrians. These empty areas cannot be used commercially but still incur operating costs. TARGO-VENT limits the opening angle of an explosion vent in order to protect people, vehicles or subsequently erected buildings.
TARGO-VENT is ideal for rectangular explosion vents, venting into areas used by vehicles or pedestrians, used in outdoor applications, venting into previously clear areas, which have subsequently been built upon.
REMBE® TARGO-VENT with Accessoires


rupture disc
for little to no overpressure or vacuum.


opening angle limiter
Add-on module to reduce hazardous areas.
  • Smaller safety areas required in front of vent openings - more productive use of valuable operating areas.
  • Smaller area required for explosion venting than with alternative deflectors.
  • Low cost protection of infrastructure.
  • Safes traffic routes for people and vehicles while simultaneously reducing the safety area required.
  • Retrofitting with TARGO-VENT provides greater safety for existing installations.
  • Maintenance-free and long service life through the use of stainless steel.
TARGO-VENT limits the opening angle of the explosion vent and guides the explosion pressure wave, flames and heat into defined areas. This minimises the size of the safety areas required.
Technical data
Product parameters
Valid for explosion vents with a venting area of ≤ 0.54 m²
Max. KSt-Wert
≤ 200 bar × m/s
Max. red. explosion pressure Pred
≤ 1,0 bar at 22 °C
0,2 bar | 0,4 bar | 0,6 bar | 0,8 bar | 1,0 bar
Deflection angle
45° | 40° | 35° | 30° | 25°
Venting efficiency
55% | 58,8% | 63% | 66,3% | 70%
Valid for explosion vents with a venting area of between 0.54 m² and 1.1 m²
Max. KSt-Wert
≤ 200 bar × m/s
Max. red. explosion pressure Pred
≤ 0,4 bar at 22 °C
0,2 bar | 0,3 bar | 0,4 bar
Deflection angle
45° | 42,5° | 40°
Venting efficiency
55% | 57,5% | 60%
Note: Linear relationship between max. red. explosion pressure Pred, deflection angle and efficiency.
Dimensions and weight
Measurements, mmApprox. weight, kg
305 x 610
620 x 820
586 x 920
610 x 1118
920 x 920
915 x 1118
Other sizes available on request.
Applications + Industries
  • animal feed productions
  • aspiration plants
  • brewery
  • destoners
  • filters
  • food
  • food production
  • hydrogen
  • mills and grinding plants
  • mixers
  • recycling
  • screens
  • silo
  • spray dryers
  • wood processing


ATEX EC type examination certificate no. FSA 13 ATEX 1637

ATEX EC type examination certificate no.
FSA 13 ATEX 1637

By decreasing the size of dangerous areas, TARGO-VENT helps you to reduce your safety areas to a minimum and increase usable operating space while providing optimum protection against explosions

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